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What Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do by Yourself

If you think that buying a car is your most expensive venture, you might want to think again about the costs that are entailed to ensure that your vehicle is kept on running. Based on a study that was done in the year 2017, the average American car owner has to spend a yearly amount of $8,500 to take care of their car maintenance, car payments, car fuel concerns, and more.

There are actually some car maintenance tasks that you can easily institute on your own if you are after cutting down the costs that you are currently spending on your vehicle. By doing some car maintenance tasks on your own, you get to save more of hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned money when you hire the professionals to do the tasks for you. If you want to learn more about some car maintenance tips and tricks that you can do yourself, be sure to click for more on this homepage.

Change the oil of your car yourself
For most car owners, every 3,000 miles that their cars have covered, they have to take their car to their reliable oil change shop to have the oils changed and cleaned. However, it is important that you keep in mind that you need not really take your car to the professionals for this task alone. When it comes to changing the oil of your car, you can actually do it at home.

Make sure to have a drain pan with you and go under your car, remove its drain plug, an then let the old oil drain to your pan. When all of this product of old oil is successfully drained, you must make sure to put back your drain plug and then have the filter of your old oil removed and then you can proceed in putting inside your new oil.

Most DIY oil changing tasks can take some time to get used to. In a few months of time, you will surely learn from the whole process leading you to save more of your money and not having to rely on this company to do the oil change for you.

Replacing of the blades of your windshield wiper
Do you see streaks on your windshield when you use the wipers that you have? If you want your drives in the rain to be much safer, see to it that you have your old blades of your windshield wiper replaced with new ones in just a matter of minutes.

You just need to push the tab that you see on your blades to remove them from your car after you have lifted your old blades from your windshield. Be sure to line up your new blades with your windshield once you are done replacing the old ones that you have.

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