If you run a business, you know that business energy contracts are different to domestic energy contracts. Even if you are a small or micro business, business or non-domestic energy contracts are set up differently, resulting in you paying different rates for both electricity and gas.

Just like domestic energy, though, there are ways to help you save on your business energy bills. One of the easiest but lesser known ways is to switch energy suppliers. 

You do not have to wait till your current contract expires before deciding to switch to a new energy contract for your business. Energy comparison websites let you shop for new deals at any time, and ones like BusinessEnergyQuotes.com provide the latest and most accurate deals because they are connected to the smart grid. 

Want to save money on your business energy bills? We will advise you on how to best search for the best business energy prices for your business as well provide tips on other cost-saving measures to do in the meantime. 

Why would I want to switch business energy suppliers?

Businesses who do not compare energy suppliers on a regular basis are likely missing out on better energy deals, thus overpaying for their electricity or gas. It is possible to save an average of £179 a year on business gas and electric if you switch energy suppliers. 

What’s the easiest way to switch business energy suppliers?

Doing things online is often easier and quicker than doing it manually, and switching business energy suppliers is not an exception. Rather than having to make calls to dozens of suppliers to request a quote, you can go to online price comparison platforms to find dozens of quotes in seconds. 

There are multiple energy comparison websites online. Some require you to only enter your business’ postcode to start comparing business energy quotes. 100% online, simply start by entering your postcode and our smart grid technology will identify your business meter data, allowing us to prepare your proposals. You will want to find an energy comparison site that is smart grid connected, as it will use your business’ actual energy consumption when providing you new contract proposals. Within minutes, you can be looking at several offers from energy suppliers big and small.

Best of all, no calls are required! 

How much could you save by switching your business energy?

How much money you save by switching business energy suppliers depends on a few factors. These include the details of your previous deal (tariff prices and types), the size of your business, the amount of energy you typically consume, and your energy efficiency.

Other ways to save on energy bills

As your current contract comes to an end and you wait for your new one to start, there are a few things you can do to further cut your energy costs. Some things are obvious, while others are lesser known. It pays to be aware of them all and to put them into action in your day-to-day business operations. 

Here are some tips on how to save on your business energy bills:

  1. Pay attention to “phantom” energy costs through your heating, lighting, and powering of appliances and machinery.
  2. Find ways to naturally cool down your offices or workspaces: use shades or plants to block out the sun, place oscillating fans in strategic places, and provide plenty of water and other beverages to your workers, for example. 
  3. Generate your own power from renewables. You can sell this energy back to suppliers or directly to the grid. 
  4. Ask for help! Energy management and consultancy companies provide several services to help you be more energy efficient. 

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