The Art of Mastering Hosting

What Business Hosting Type Does Your Business Need?

If you are looking to get business hosting, you can choose from a number of business hosting available. In order to find the right business hosting for your business you should consider your business types, the amount of traffic that you receive and the purpose of your website.

The basic type of hosting you can get and the most inexpensive one is shared hosting. Since this hosting is shared, this means that the web space is shared by other businesses that are being served by the hosting company. The problem, however, with this type of hosting is that you share bandwidth with other businesses and you can find yourself having little bandwidth to use if the other clients are using most of the bandwidth. You only choose this type of hosting if you are certain that this will not be a problem to your type of business. You benefit from its low cost if you don’t have a problem with limited flexibility. This type of hosting is used mostly by startups with few visitors.

If you get dedicated service then you don’t share web space with other clients of your web hosting provider. It is only for your website that this server is used and you have full control over it. You can run the server yourself or you can hire an expert to run it for you. Exclusive use of the web space makes it a more expensive service. In this type of hosting, even if you web traffic increases suddenly, you will not have any problems. This type of hosting is used by large businesses whose website is very important for their business success.

Your hosting company can manage your server and this is what managed hosting is all about. In this type of hosting experts run your server and since this is also dedicated then you have all the web space to your website. Since you are hiring the expertise of the hosting company, then the cost is likely to increase.

Colocation is a hosting service where your server is stored in a data center. When you store your server in the data center you actually rent space. In a data center, they have the hardware, security, and temperature control and all you need to do is to provide and look after your server. Collocation gives you an advantage in that you don’t invest on infrastructure and your server is under your full control. If you need to update your server, you need to travel to the center to do it which would incur most costs.

Cloud hosting is great since you can use several servers whenever you need it. You don’t pay for the server if you don’t need more. Normally, you only require one server but sometimes, you business may require more. This is ideal during peak seasons when your website traffic suddenly upshoots.

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